You would be surprised at the recurring expenses involved in keeping a non-profit community radio station on the air.   We have to pay monthly Music Licensing Fees to Three different performance rights organizations, and soon this number will increase to Four.  Even at the lowest non-commercial rate, these fees total several hundred dollars a year.  The music library must be periodically updated to make the station sound “fresh”, and broadcast-quality recordings are not free.   When a station announcement needs to be recorded by professional air talent, the voice-over artist sends us a bill for their time.    

The station is on the air 24/7/365 and consumes a lot of electricity.   When anything is required to operate on a constant, 24-hour basis, electronic equipment can and does break down.   In order to economize, some of the equipment at WWMM is used and requires periodic servicing in order to remain fully operational.  We also have regularly-recurring expenses for simple, low-tech items such as printer ink, paper, and envelopes.

WWMM is not affiliated with any college or university, so we do  not automatically receive a monthly or yearly draw of funds to cover our expenses.

A MEMBERSHIP is your chance to help a good cause by picking up the cost of an expense that we have here at the station.   You could become a Paper Partner and help keep us stocked with paper and ink for our printer.  Or you could become a Power Partner and help us with the cost of utilities at our studio and transmitter site.              

If you don’t have a particular project that you would like to help us with, you can donate to our General Fund to help us with our day-to-day expenses.  Simply go to our Donate page where we accept PayPal donations.  All donations are tax-deductible.  You can add any additional service that you want, or edit the services above that are already listed. 

Please send an email to if you would like to become a Power Partner, a Paper Partner, or fill another specially designated role.